blessed are the easily amused

Monday, July 28, 2003

so i'm pollyanna. so what? sometimes life is ok, and even those of us saturated in the cheap and plentiful cynicism of our time have to accept a beautiful moment when we see one. all this by way of introduction to the feature story - nigel has learned to ride a motorcycle. what a rite of passage. his maniacal howl as he let the clutch out and spat gravel and grasshoppers out behind him, the setting sun beaming orange through the clouds of dust and pesticide... it's only a matter of time before he's breaking his scapula and wearing cute motocross outfits. little nigel, all grown up.

i really have to get my little honda out from under its pile of cobwebs and roberts benz's recycling. i have to ride away from lethargy and grasshoppers. i have to feel the wind and grit buoying me up. i have to go to camping.

everything since ness creek has been anticlimactic.


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