blessed are the easily amused

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Little house on the prairie all just flies and refuse now - moving is a grand fucking relief from the bugs.

This blog is mostly an account of my days working for the Mothership, because those are the only days I find myself sitting idly in front of a computer. Waiting vulture-like for news to strike.
If only I had my super brainwave enhancing gizmo here, I could use these hours to my own advantage and possibly the entire galaxy's. I'm not kidding - my brother, the guy who has everything, actually owns this device that can stimulate different brainwave patterns and shit - you can induce deep relaxation or sort-of trance states. And he left it for me while he's tilley hatting his way around Africa. I think I could use it to induce lucid dreams. Or my secret super powers, which I would probably use for good. I may not be as morally upright as I used to be, but I'm still a Nice Person.

I think what's happening to me, and what seems to happen to a lot of people, is that my values are not theoretical anymore. They're about what I see immediately around me. I'm more likely to give a shit about my family and friends than the effect my consumer decisions have on family X in Indonesia. That's probably why the world's falling all to shit. Because people like me will go to Wal-Mart and buy sweat shop manufactured stuff for a friend's birthday and feel like we've done a really good thing. I used to care about family X. And also forget everyone's birthday. I'm motivated entirely by responses from people around me and not at all by the internal compass (acme right'n'wrong navigator).

Holy crap. I suck. Oh well.