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Thursday, January 29, 2004

I think I may have dreamed that a miracle occurred and cbc changed their minds and gave me the VJ job after all. Jesus Christ, Lisa - will you get over this?

I've got a job. It's fine. However, I share a work environment with the grumpiest person in the world, and several of the runners-up. We'll call him Franz (because he'd hate that).

Franz basically resembles the little fisher price round-headed guy with the handlebar moustache. And that's no reason to hate him. But he trundles around sighing angrily, and when anyone asks him to do one of the tasks he gets paid handsomely to do, he gives this totally exaggerated eye roll. He scares the crap out of everyone. People are afraid of moustached angry guys, rightly or wrongly.

I often go for little rides in the van with Franz when we both have tasks to do. He straps his barrel chest in, strangles the ignition, sighs, and then snaps on the radio. What convinces me that Franz is more complex than anyone guesses is his music choice - always the wussiest crap on the dial. ABBA will do, maybe some Elton John - if anything good comes on, he'll angrily drag the bottom for some Phil Collins.

What makes Franz tick? No one cares, for Franz is a prick.


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