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Saturday, May 22, 2004

wanna know what?

I'm going to New York City. I'm going to write that again, because I really liked the little twitch it gave me. I'm going to New

(girl squeal)

I can't remember the last time I even went to someplace different for lunch. So this is pretty big. It's a different country and everything. People there, I'm pretty sure, are all worldly and tough and shit.

So here's where I need some help: what are the absolutely essential must-not-miss features for the first-time NYC gawker?

I just got that little twitch again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you already live in a town full of alt films and world-class arts events, I suggest you consider (brace yourself) shopping. I know you hate it, but people from all over N.A. go there just to do the fashion thing. The shoes I bought there three years ago have just recently stopped getting quizzical looks at home On the other hand, I lost my hip new glasses before anybody know they were hip.

Just look around you on the street and pick what looks good on locals (the people not looking at the skyscrapers) and then go find it. Put it on and go for fish and chips and a deep-fried Mars Bar at A Salt And Battery in the Village.

Whatever you do you will have a GREAT time!


Thu May 27, 11:07:00 AM

Blogger lisa said...

Deep fried mars bar? Sodom and Gomorrah, here I come!

Thu May 27, 02:23:00 PM


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