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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

are we different?

I was thinking, in the aftermath of Ronald Reagan's death, that Canadians are entirely different. We don't gild our elected leaders with any kind of mythology. We don't care who our leaders have fucked or what they might have smoked. And when they grow very old and die, we don't feel like someone has snuffed out a bright star that always twinkled at the edge of our consciousness.

I've read real thinking, caring Democrats crying about Reagan's passing because of what he represented - some kind of medium that connects all the souls in America through a network of corndogs and slow motion army ads. The Prime Minister doesn't represent anything. He does his job for awhile and then moves on to the university lecture circuit. And if he proved himself to be dimwitted or mean, not many universities will invite him to speak. There's nothing that connects Canadians to one another that way. Old people are connected by CBC radio. Young people are not connected at all, except by a vague pride in our superior beer products. Canada is a place to live - a very good one. But the only time it has significance beyond that is when America is terrorizing the rest of the world - because then we're Not American.

But maybe I'm wrong. There was Trudeau, after all. Tears and red roses. Maybe if we had another leader with a little personality we'd care again. Even if he made shitty choices for Canada. I don't see it happening this time around. The defending Liberal gov-bot can only lose to Mr. I've-rehearsed-this-speech-so-many-times-it-might-as-well-be-in-Urdu Conservative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are in-correct.
We DO all have one thing that ties us together...
and that is watching in delight as Americans comment about Canadians on tv shows.
You CANT say it doesnt excite you just a little everytime Conan opens his mouth and you just KNOW hes going to be talking about Canada.
Not that they say GOOD things aboiut Canada... but just that they say SOMTHING about Canada that is usually not right or a big common mis-represented idea.
I enjoy it when Americans ask if we turn the falls off at night...
I get a kick out telling the odd one that pops up on my msn list that I live surrounded by Amish... well I did... until I moved to the praries and now its wheat and only wheat for as far as you can see.
Personally i want them to think we are boring and different... then they wont invade us...
"well we COULD invade Canada... thats nice and close..."
but i dunno.... there isnt much to do up there once we DO take them over..."
or how about when movies are made about Canada? Like Canadian Bacon, good movie, why? because it was about an altered look at Canada.
And the south park movie... best part, the whole Canada thing.
Best Simpsons episode.. they went to Canada.
the list goes on.
And I dont know anyone who would say "I hate it when Americans talk about Canada"
no no my friends because ... well its funny, down right amousing!
Apart from that, it also ties us together that when we go to other countries, as long as we sport a red and white flag... no one really wants to kill us...


Wed Jun 16, 10:00:00 AM

Blogger the hun said...

I love it when Canadians say things about Americans, too. The fact is, we are different countries and don't really know each other, but we're so close... I think we all find that kind of fascinating. Any generalization you make is bound to apply only to a segment of the population. Cheers.

Wed Jun 16, 11:55:00 AM


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