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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

breaking news, breaking hearts

As I ride the Mothership in search of news and a paycheque, I sit in front of a computer that connects me directly to everyone else on this ride, and indirectly to all other news vultures. I may receive instant messages that say 'move pig stox on sat b, dude - thx for fnu feed' or rambling directives from a grammar expert in Toronto. My monitor is divided into about 13 little segments that keep me up to date on all the different news activites going down, about 3 of them relevant to me. I've learned to focus on the relevant ones and block out the rest. For the most part. But down in the right-hand corner is a tiny window that always catches me off guard. It's the 'holy fuck, what now?' window, and it invites me to visit 'the wires' for breaking news and fresh atrocities. Flashing orange and yellow, it urgently whispers: Inferno! Iraq hostages! Expldg kittens!

It really never stops flashing. Some folks might find this sort of comforting - 'nothing's gonna get by me! Yep, I've got my finger on the pulse of the whole dang world.'

I, however, feel like I have my finger in the unclean oriface of an angry babboon.


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