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Saturday, June 19, 2004

today's youth are not apathetic

Our elected federal representative in this neighbourhood is a guy so overtly racist that he was excommunicated by the far right party and had to sit as an independent.

The other day my brother got a call from one of his campaign kittens, who said, "Can we count on your vote in the coming election?"

My brother, always one to give the benefit of the doubt, thought he'd try some sarcasm on her. "I'm sorry - I can't vote for him. He doesn't hate fags and Indians as much as I do."

A pause, followed by this sincere response: "Sir, have you read his literature?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and yes, the sun came out and so did i.
I pranced through the fields like there was no tomorrow..
and after watching a show about naustradamus' predictions, i fear there may actually BE no tomorrow...

Why am I such a sucker for "cool new products"... give me a second I have to rinse the "specially activated foaming mouse from my legs..."
alright, im back, and hair free for at least the next two hours... or until i feel a draft and get leg goose bumps.. what ever comes first...
what am i talking about?
so nothing to exciting is new out here. Working loads and scooping poop in the back yard.
I went shopping and bought TWO new shirts. how exciting!!!
AND we got a cd player for the car... instead of getting a new car...
but if anyone steals this one, oh theres gonna be trouble.
im bored. you should come and visit me. wait, you are leaving TOMORROW?!?!?!
well i wish you fun and excitment and adventure... and trouble.
not like REAL trouble... just the kind that when people say "stay out of trouble" mean. THAT kind of trouble... or else.. what would be the point???
So have fun... but BE safe for what would we be without you?
relaxe, enjoy your time off...
this is exciting! NO HANS! NO MOTHERSHIP!! NO poorly ventilated office space (im just guessing with that last one)
be free my sister and dont forget your little sticky canadian flag!

Sun Jun 20, 11:18:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

(i forgot to say who that was from... im sure you could guess though)
o and about your post...
thats some pretty funny stuff...
sad, pathetic even, but thats where the best comedy comes from.

Sun Jun 20, 11:19:00 AM

Blogger the hun said...

Oh my, that's bad.

Mon Jun 21, 04:46:00 PM

Blogger JaG said...

That just made me laugh!! Thank you! :D

Wed Jun 23, 09:47:00 AM

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