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Thursday, September 23, 2004

the cards know all

You may not know this about me but, in addition to my many startling and useless talents, I'm a fortune teller. No, seriously, ask me anything. It's uncanny.

Last night's tarot reading:

past - princess of cups (page of cups)
present - lust (strength)
future - 2 of cups

Basically this indicates that my past as a passive, invertebrate loser in love and my future in a satisfying relationship with a wealthy 95-year-old are separated by a brief stint as a dominatrix.


Blogger Huckleberry Finnegan said...

Here's to living in the present.

Welcome back, Bugsy.

Thu Sep 23, 11:05:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

Its true.. one time she did a WHOLE year reading for me... one for each month, i wrote it down.. carried it around and checked as each month went by.. it was out standing!!! i think i need another one now:P

Thu Sep 23, 05:24:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

any time, sal.

Thu Sep 23, 07:35:00 PM

Blogger sally said...

wat cha doin sunday?

Fri Sep 24, 10:42:00 AM

Blogger odd_child said...

Tee hee, do you have to do a reading to answer that question?

Fri Sep 24, 03:06:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

Hm, the cards say I'll be charging through the clouds on a white steed, sword in hand. But I could pencil a reading in. You gonna be in town?

Fri Sep 24, 08:34:00 PM

Blogger sally said...

I see you have pulled the king of Swords.
HAHAHHA remeber that time so many times ago when we were at the Grainery watching the fancy ladds.. and they came for a break and Jessie, Kevin and Charles.. I think the drummers name was Charles all wanted to pull a card so they all pulled a card and they all pulled princess cards!!
that was a little too funny.

Sat Sep 25, 11:42:00 PM


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