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Thursday, September 16, 2004


We turned off our video cameras out of respect for the first part of the ceremony - the sacred sweetgrass smudge, the elder's prayer and the drumming and singing of the victory song. It was pretty quiet in there, for a press conference. I guess something about the room and the air in it had settled the media pack for a moment. No sense being impatient. Just breathe and let it be. The singing was big-hearted, organic; it felt like a hot, dry prairie wind blowing sage and sun through the room. Those drummers cast a spell over us for a moment.

Until the perky and polyphonic chirp of one of their cellphones snapped us out of it.


Blogger sally said...

Remeber the Mendal? with the troubled youth turned artists? That was the super coolest thing I think I have ever bared witness to! The singing and the drumming.. and it was COOLER because the kids doing it were the kind of kids I have been brainwashed to cross the street to avoid walking past. But they are totally talented and shouldnt be sterio-typed. At anyrate, I think my heart actually stopped beating during the singing and in its place was the drums.

Thu Sep 16, 10:36:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

Yeah, these guys were really good, too. Everybody in the room, even zombie suits, were kind of visibly grooving to it. Pretty jarring culture shift, though, when that phone rang.

Thu Sep 16, 11:53:00 PM


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