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Friday, September 10, 2004

my grapes are just fine, thank you

It's been an emotional ride. I'm glad it'll soon be over; my heart can't take much more. But this Canadian Idol thing has really brought us together as a society. Generation gaps have been wiped out! Families gather weekly in their living rooms, hearts beating in unison as they watch the drama unfold.

In this city, it's been particularly excruciating. Our very own homegrown talent hanging in the top two like a Christmas tree angel! We've all got the fever. We all dial until our fingers bleed to vote. Because the rest of the country is watching, and they must see that this have-not province is a have-got province now. She's ours, and she's done us proud.

Now take your hands from their prayer clasp and raise them in the air, all you who have actually gone out to hear our angel or any other local musician perform live.

Hello? Is thing on?

Will it be Theresa? Or will Kalan wear the CTV tiara? The end is near. The hooves of resolution are thundering across the plains, signaling an end to our agony.

I just want you all to know that, whatever happens, I'll always be my idol.


Blogger Dar said...

I can't watch. With Jacob gone, the show's only cool factor is gone.

Oh, Jacob Hoggart, where are you now? Won't you come and put your head on MY shoulder?

Fri Sep 10, 10:56:00 PM

Blogger sally said...

Its too true..
before it was like O GOOD ITS wednesday I get to see Jacub dance across the idol stage with a charisma that can ONLY be held by a complete nut case.
And now.? Now thats gone... and I cannot say i DIDNT shed a tear with the possibility of 2.
It was my favorite show for 3 glorious months of laughing and waiting for that ONE entertaining compeditor that gave me hope that Canadians still valued a sence of humour and werent so cut and dry like our southern neighbours. Well anyone wanna get together wed.? My wednesdays are free from here on out. Honestly, dont tell me who wins.
Boring ass or boring ass with annoing ass face.
its over...
Canadian say what now?

Fri Sep 10, 11:05:00 PM

Blogger :: c :: said...

I'm not too hip with the Canadian Idol thing - but was Jacob possibly the one who my mom excitedly described as "I guess you kids would call him quite alternative and boy, what a character! I like him, he's my favorite! Next is the lovely cherub boy who looks like a hobbit." Anyways, my mom aside (there's that bridging the generation gap thing), Jacob (Jakob, JKB, JK, J) can sing.. I think - but he breathes funny, and his mouth flaps open frantically whenever he belts out something, like that Raine guy from Our Lady Peace. Personally, it's all rigged and bullshit and a woman has to win... a guy won last time. Done and done. Teressa will win. They'll reuse that weird footage of her weeping in a wheat field, and in two months, no-one will care except all the people who have to go around removing all the Vote For ___ propaganda. It's a smart show though - for what it does.

Tue Sep 14, 01:48:00 AM


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