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Friday, September 24, 2004

photo friday - 'furry'

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xavier Posted by Hello


Blogger Thivai Abhor said...

Cool shot!

Sat Sep 25, 10:37:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

Lisa.. do i smell a new and fantastic photography device?
Hmmm Hmmm?

Sat Sep 25, 10:58:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

I want to play too!!!

Sat Sep 25, 11:14:00 AM

Blogger Dar said...

Nice pussy.

Sat Sep 25, 12:22:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

Hey, sailor - is that the mouth you're going to talk to little Delphine with?

Sat Sep 25, 12:34:00 PM

Blogger Dar said...

You know it; if I can ever stop laughing, that is.

I though for sure you'd respond with, "I bet you say that to all the girls." I'm hardly disappointed though seeing as you just provided the name for my first born.

Send me Sexton update when you have some time, sailor.

Sat Sep 25, 03:05:00 PM


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