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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Hey, listen - Canada's not so bad. We'll leave the porch light on.


Blogger green said...

well look who posted! I assume you are leaving the light on for all the Americans who will want to escape? We're all fucked if Dub and his evil dad and the rest of those skull & bones bastards have their way. On a lighter note, i'm on a fresh keyboard and i can type like the wind. Thats a shitty simile if ever there was one.

Thu Nov 04, 10:56:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? Turn out the light!
As if living in an oil-rich country isn't enough, having a shiny object on your porch could attract Mr. Mandate's attention.

Keep your head down,

Thu Nov 04, 05:57:00 PM

Blogger :: c :: said...

Eminem's new video is really cool. If you go to or you can see a link to it.

Thu Nov 04, 06:00:00 PM

Blogger :: c :: said...

Eminem's new video is really cool. If you go to or you can see a link to it.

Thu Nov 04, 06:00:00 PM

Blogger the hun said...

Thanks, I just might need it.

See you in April or so.

Fri Nov 05, 12:08:00 PM

Blogger sally said...

Lisa, I disagree with your theoy COMPLETLY.
Turn out the light... and quick.
If you invite all the americans to move into canada... then will Canada not BECOME the next state? If Canadas population grows... thats trouble. Come on, we are already called little america, and we want to make that worse??
I feel bad for the american people and their HORRIBLE choice of election, but did WE vote him in??
sorry I just am not a fan of over population and BECOMEING the states.
If the american people REALLY had a prob with bush he wouldnt have WON... if they STILL have a problem, come on... WHY hasnt he been assasinated yet...
Bush is as intelligent as a tape worm but if the majority of americans cant SEE that then I also have to question THEIR intelligance... for the minority that didnt vote for him, im sorry but if 49 % of america now wants to all move to canada.. uh... where are they ALL gonna go?? wait... I know, Saskatchewan.
i sound like a bastard, but really, is there any GOOD that can come from thousands of people moving north??

Sun Nov 07, 08:38:00 AM

Blogger jack said...

Americans are no different from canadians... stupid, apathetic, tv watching, wallmart shopping, grease clown eating, cows. Look around... America is here already. Freedom of choice, and freedom of speech are a thing of the past. If you really want to screw the established powers then don't buy there products, and shun everyone who does.

BTW: The next phase of this is ugly... put the news stories together and you can tell the next plan of attack exactly:

tests are done... their ready to roll
Don't worry about porch lights... get your immune system in order

Tue Nov 09, 10:53:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

I will agree... VERY simular..
BUT I STILL have to see some differances..
for instance...
MAYBE this is slanted some how..
BUT in the movie bowling for Columbine... it shows how many gun murders there are in Can and then how many in the US..
and its a LOT..
i dont know.
maybe im just scared....
i would LOVE to read those links you posted... but that would make me even MORE scared ...
right now, ignorance is safe.

Wed Nov 10, 07:47:00 PM

Blogger jack said...

ignorance is safe. Sally you seem like the type who does not watch allot of TV, and for that you are more enlighten, and untainted than most, but be careful who your sources are. Michael Moore is nothing more than a globalist, and a plagiarist. His messages are wishy washy, and any good material he puts forward are stolen right from Alex Jones. He is the most dangerous type of media personality because everyone thinks he's a harmless, fat, good guy... He is not. Canada as a nation currently has fewer problems than the US, but we are right behind them. The leaders of our nations, and the large corporations that support them DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! They would have you erased in a heartbeat if it meant they would make a buck. The foundation of their marketing campaign is that they care, and so you will hear quite the opposite from them, but it is vital that everyone count on their Family, and their community before all else. Go local. Do not support Globalizes. I am not trying to be a scare monger, but I am so fucking sick of people who buy a coffee, a camera, a t-shirt, or a plastic bowl from a giant big box, or a large american corporation with out even thinking about it. Less than 10 years ago you could buy stationary from 4 different local people in town... now you can’t... at all. How many little local grocery store do we have now? In what state is our downtown core? We sold out so we could save a fucking dollar at walmart, and pretty soon that is all we will have. Products made by little underpaid Chinese kids. Good for us.

Fri Nov 12, 07:10:00 AM

Blogger jack said...

and by: "Do not support Globalizes" I mean "Do not support Globalists"

Fri Nov 12, 10:32:00 AM

Blogger sally said...

Hey Jack (great name by the way)
You are right, M. Moore is slanted and I do NOT trust him really, I just was using that one thing he said becuse i dont THINK thats made up...
what do I know?
I hate tv, especially the news. The media is ALLLLL lies... I mostly count on family and friends to know whats what... and that means in my life and not in the "global community"
I shop at Value Village and thats the way it will stay.
I guess I just wish the world wasnt so terrible, I am an optomist ... I guess I like to pretend for all the bad there IS still good out there TRYING to prevail, ALL people arent BAD.

Fri Nov 12, 10:42:00 AM


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