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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

not so fast Posted by Hello


Blogger sally said...

ooooo good use of imagery!
Im jelous;)
dont you go gettin captured there young lady. Thats not you in the picture anyways. you some serious more years until you are a cougar. your more like...
Foxy. thats right foxy.

Wed Apr 20, 06:40:00 AM

Blogger lisa said...

Well, it seems I have been recaptured after all. The lonesome cougar just couldn't ride that yellow pickup truck of independence all the way. But it's a tag, not a cage this time.

Wed Apr 20, 10:54:00 AM

Blogger miss nicola said...

Much more comfortable than a cage and/or head wires...

Wed Apr 20, 08:00:00 PM


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