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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

cue rocky theme

I remember the days when I was dragging my ass along the trail in my new running shoes, sweat streaming into my eyes, just enough breath left to curse the day my mom and dad decided one more kid could really help around the store. In those days, my ire would be raised by 93-year-old joggers running me off the trail. Where were they going in such a hurry? Was there a sale on turbo-walkers? Geripoweraid? They thought they were so cool.

That was last month. Now my shoes are dirty, and I've spat into the carragana hedges a few times. So it was with a well-earned sense of pride and superiority that I passed the guy with cerebral palsy yesterday.

So sing it with me, chorus of triumphant athlete cheerers! Feeling strong now! Gonna fly now! Punching sides of beef now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too had great excitment for the running. I went out and tried on at least 30 shoes (so 15 pair at LEAST) and when I found the ones that felt like home for the svelt runner I would become I payed WAY too much for them, but it would all be worth it when I got to show off my new sprinters ass the following summer. I stretched and I stretched, I even rented a video on proper stretching to get ready for my new hobby. I always had SUCH respect for those funny old men in the way tight shorts huffing and puffing down the side walk no matter the weather. And almost as much respect for the mid aged woman with their walk mans on and their wrist bands, periodically checking what appeared to be a watch... or step counter as they jogged red faced and a tad moist.
SO i got my shoes, I got my preperation, I had my encouragment from all around, the moral of my story is; I ran about 2.5 blocks and realized HOLY shit does running EVER suck, and havent ran since.
better luck to you momma light.

Wed Jun 15, 03:58:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

My brother bought me magic pants that wick the sweat away, just like frickin' pampers. And signed me up for a goddamn running clinic. (Sam was mortified - 'omg, you're going to be one of those people?!) I also have an absurdly peppy assortment of songs living in my new mp3 player. So you see, there's really no way around it - I'm going to be a fucking runner.

So how are you, Sal?

Wed Jun 15, 04:16:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you know,
A little less than perfect. And a little better than down right shitty.
I am hovering somewhere between Ok'ness and un-ok'ness
im currently quite lonely. chad is up north for work this whole week... and last week and the week before X3 and my parents are away on vacation. SO its just me and the animals and holy smokes did i learn a smoken guitar riff a couple minuts ago. Thats besides the point. Im pretty ok though. Belly danicing starts tomorow night again so im happy about that. And I have been trying REALLY hard to eat my 10 servings of vegetables but DAMN is that EVER hard!!! and i started taking a PRO-biotic yogurt but it makes me queezy.why am i telling you this? anyways. I started a full time nanny job last week and its a pretty sweet deal! YOU HEAR ME A SWEET DEAL. But anywhooooo have a LOVELY evening .

Wed Jun 15, 06:29:00 PM


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