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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

weep for me

Once upon a time, I cracked open a fresh new line of credit to buy a laptop. I knew that in the years to come, it would deliver my first GCN*, bear witness to genius home recordings, and tuck into its bosom tokens of a life I love - photos and words.

Today, someone** stole it.

So, watch the web for my real diary. Yikes.

*great Canadian novel
**an asshole


Blogger sally said...

Oh, lisa, nothing is worse. Ok SOME things are worse. But being stolen from is... no i will not preach, it is hurtful among things, let my simular experiances be of some comfort to you, or at least a half-chuckle.
Case one; grade 10, I had a diary, one HELL of a diary in fact and i like the fool i am took it everyone with me lest my parents find it while i was away. That thing was like a soul sandwich, all my juicy truths and unmentionable thoughts stuck between the black crusts, with only my NAME written on it, and of course LOTS of syrup inside. Anyways, I left my back pack at school and even though we RUSHED back as soon as possible, my back pack was in the garbage, everything intact... EXCEPT my diary. The looks in the halls changed (or maybe it was my imagination) and somehow a lot of people became aware of my msn name and added me but no one EVER said anything outright to my face, which almost made it worse. Only small things would come out here and there JUST to let me know people KNEW...Wow, GUT-WRENCHING.
Id like to wrench the guys of who ever STOLE it in the first place.
Case 2 (this goes with the GCN part) I wasted 2 years coming up with the story line and was 10 months into production of what i thought to be the best work I could muster and so crafty and perfect that i didnt even tell ANYONE as not to ruin what it would become.
and then chad accidentally WIPED the hard drive and all was lost.
All... was... lost.
sigh. only thousands upon thousands of words lost into oblivion. my love child as it was. gone.
anyways, when crappy things happen to me I like to hear how simular crappy things happen to other people, but that may only because i am truly quite, quite evil...
who said that?
im REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLy sorry though

Wed Aug 24, 03:57:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like they got into my car, too. I wasn't too impressed with that, but it did make me laugh - they didn't take the $400 worth of tools in my trunk, nor the $200 child seat, but they did take the $3 in change in my ashtray.

Odd, eh?

Wed Aug 24, 07:57:00 PM

Blogger lisa said...

Yeah. My smash&grabber was very sensible. Too sensible, I'm almost certain, to bother reading the contents. He will have no time for musings I typed half-drunk in bed with the laptop lying open, sideways, 6 inches from my face. Right?

Wed Aug 24, 08:37:00 PM

Blogger sally said...

Yes, theives dont usually theive to get "dirt" on people or to lay in bed at night , crumpet and tea in hand weeping over others mis-givings of their days.
which remindes me of ANOTHER story. whos sick of me?
anyways, i dont care.
on our FIRST night back in saskatoon 2 years ago our car PACKED with our moving things was BROKEN into and the ONLY thing they took was a back pack of cloths and then spread another back pack of things and a suitcase ALL over the lawn and took one portable cd player. They left:
BOTH accustic guitars and the Base guitar and the amp in the BACK seat. They left the 2 books of cd's .... but took the 20 emergency dollers in the glove box. But it was back to school time so maybe the guy or girl just needed a new back pack and some lunch money?

Thu Aug 25, 06:17:00 AM


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