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Thursday, September 01, 2005

why do I look pensive?

Because, holy shit, I just realized I'm leaving for Indonesia in, like, 4 days. Like, tuesday. Like, hello; PizzalikePete's. I have as much shit to do as there are... islands in the Indonesian archipelago. I have to learn how to use a canon XL-1. I have to make my home ready for the house sitter (oh, good christ, the Date - I suppose I'll have to throw away the severed heads of all my victims and hide all my Anne Murray albums and get rid of the videos of me and the basset hounds and stash my Conservative Party membership card). I have to take the Lord into my heart in one powerful, sizzling shot (my spirit will sit bolt upright like Uma Thurman after the adrenaline in PUlp Fiction) because I'll be travelling with Christians and they can sense an imposter like a bad casserole.

Please pray for me and the XL-1 as we traipse around Southeast Asia in headscarves and sarongs.

OK, I admit it. The only reason I used that photo is because I just discovered the 'add photo' feature and that was the only photo I could find on my Dad's computer. As you know, my computer is currently sitting on a milk crate in a crack house where people in threadbare sweat pants take turns masturbating to the collected works of Lisa.


Blogger lisa said...

I just want to clarify - I don't actually consider my collected works to be that stimulating. I just wanted to create a sort of disgusting scenario. Did it work?

Fri Sep 02, 10:16:00 AM


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